ACF Theme Code Pro v2

We’ve just released a huge update to ACF Theme Code Pro, we hope you can save even more time with these new features!

Location Rule Support

ACF Theme Code Pro now generates code based on your location rules!
For example, if you assign a field group to an options page we now generate the appropriate code for that location!

We support multiple location rules on each field group, you’re using ACF Pro this includes locations like Options, Users, Widgets, Comments, Terms and Attachments.

Here’s a super simple example showing a field group that’s assigned to both Posts and an Options Page :

Support for the official ACF Add-on’s

Since we launched ACF Theme Code Pro, we’ve supported the complex fields found in ACF Pro (like Repeater, Clone, Gallery and Flexible Content). We’re now pleased to announce we also support all of the Premium Add-ons for the free version of ACF which includes the Repeater Field, Flexible Content Field and Gallery Field.

Other changes & improvements in version 2:


Version 2 of ACF Theme Code Pro can be updated via the dashboard or downloaded from your account.


If you have any questions at all please send an email over to