Help & FAQ’s

How do I install ACF Theme Code ?

  1. Upload ACF Theme Code to /wp-content/plugins/ (or upload the zip via the dashboard)
  2. Activate the Plugin via the plugins menu
  3. Create or Update an ACF Field Group
  4. Scroll down to see the ACF Theme code

Where do I enter my licence key for updates ?

For ACF Theme Code Pro, you can enter your licence key in the WordPress Dashboard, you’ll find our settings screen under Settings -> Theme Code Pro. Enter the code, click activate then click save.

Where can I download the latest version ?

You can login to your account to download the latest version of your purchases. You can also see your payment history and update your contact information. If you have any issues at all please contact the hookturn team – we’ll be happy to help!

Why does ACF Theme Code generate so many PHP tags ?

At the moment it’s for developer convenience, so you can easily wrap our code in your own HTML markup. We’re open to suggestions and keen to improve the code generated based on community feedback.

Where can I suggest features ?

We’re really keen to hear feedback from our customers, so please contact us at any time.