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ACF Custom Database Tables LTD

For the first time ever, we're offering up 100 lifetime licenses. You pay once and get updates without ever having to pay more.

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Limited Lifetime Licenses — a strategy for growth

As a buyer, I love getting lifetime deals. One payment, perpetual updates, and no increasing license fees. As a plugin developer, however, the value proposition is a little different. A business based on lifetime licenses carries a lot of risk and is hard to sustain so I'm aiming to find a sweet spot.

I've spent a lot of time over the past year talking to people who use or are interested in using ACF Custom Database Tables. I've learned about the kind of features people are waiting for and the kind of challenges they face with WordPress' core meta system when developing complex applications. I now see even more potential for this plugin to help developers write scalable web applications using ACF.

To fund this next stage, I'm offering up 100 lifetime licenses. My decision to offer an LTD is purely about investment and the revenue generated will drive the next year of development.

New features on the way

Here's a short list of just a few features that I want to start releasing in the new year:

  • Two-way data migration utility for easier onboarding and removal.
  • Support for the group and flexible content field types.
  • Custom table support for term objects.
  • An enhanced user-interface that makes it much easier to configure database tables.
  • Data visualisation and management tools.
  • Import/export utilities.
  • WP CLI support.
  • Really nice query utilities to support faster, more agile development.

What happens after the support period ends?

After three years of using the plugin, you'll likely be a pro. That said, there may still be times where you need some help which is why I'm considering options for a community-based support system where questions can be put to other users of the plugin.

If there is enough demand for it, we might add the ability to purchase premium support blocks. If this does happen, the price will be fair and designed to ensure the resource costs are covered.

I'm an existing license holder — how do I upgrade?

You can easily upgrade your existing license by visiting your Hookturn account page and clicking View LicensesView UpgradesUpgrade License

The price you pay to upgrade will be pro-rated based on how long you have left on your current license period.

If you're building complex applications using ACF, I hope you'll consider this deal as an investment in better tooling for your future projects.


Phil Kurth — WordPress Plugin Developer
Phil Kurth
ACF Custom Database Tables developer

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