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Using ACF Forms to manage third party metadata for posts or users

Published: 21st Oct 2020

Learn how to use ACF Forms to edit meta data from other systems such as WooCommerce, EDD, Restrict Content Pro, MemberPress, and more.

Advanced Forms Pro now has reCAPTCHA support

Published: 02nd Sep 2020

As of version 1.7.0, Advanced Forms Pro makes it really easy to protect ACF Forms with Google reCAPTCHA.

How to set up custom database tables per ACF form with Advanced Forms Pro

Published: 25th May 2020

Storing ACF Form values in custom database tables is a powerful feature which you can easily set up using ACF Custom Database Tables and Advanced Forms Pro.

Effortless Gutenberg Blocks with the help of ACF Theme Code Pro

Published: 29th Nov 2019

Learn how to quickly and easily create custom ACF blocks for the WordPress block editor (Gutenberg) using our ACF Theme Code Pro plugin. Theme Code Pro will generate all the necessary block registration and template logic – you just need to bring the HTML & CSS to suit your project needs. Video Transcript Hey. Phil […]

Calculated field enhancements in Advanced Forms Pro version 1.6.6

Published: 07th Nov 2019

Version 1.6.6 of Advanced Forms Pro was released just a few days ago and with it came some interesting little enhancements to the calculated field that allow you to do the following: Trigger calculated field rerenders whenever needed. Intercept the rendered preview markup and append it anywhere you need it on the page. This is […]

How to pre-fill complex fields in Advanced Forms

Published: 21st Sep 2019

Learn how to pre-fill fields in Advanced Forms in the video. We’ll run through a simple text field example then move onto complex fields using a repeater and a group field to illustrate how to work with ACF’s complex field data structures. Video Transcript Hey, it’s Phil here from Hookturn and in this video I […]

How to create multi-stage forms in WordPress using Advanced Forms

Published: 20th Sep 2019

Creating forms with multiple stages in WordPress is really easy using our Advanced Forms plugin. Watch this video for a quick look at how you can create your own multi-stage forms. Video Transcript Hi, Phil here from Hookturnand I just wanted to take a few minutes to show youhow easy it is to create multi-stage […]

How to use ACF Custom Database Tables data with WP_Query objects

Published: 13th Sep 2019

If you are using the ACF Custom Database Tables plugin and have opted to bypass core metadata storage, you’ll likely end up in a situation where you need to create a WP_Query based on data from your custom tables. The basic approach here is to: Write some SQL that queries all post IDs matching your […]

How to disable the custom database table queries when using ACF Custom Database Tables version 1.0.x

Published: 11th Sep 2019

We recently had a request as to how you could prevent ACF Custom Database Tables from querying custom table data when using ACF’s get_field() function. This isn’t something we had built-in but for anyone needing to implement this, you can use the following code to achieve exactly that. A few things to keep in mind: […]

ACF Custom Database Tables 1.1 (beta) Feature Preview

Published: 01st Aug 2019

ACF Custom Database Tables 1.1 is now in beta and we’ve got a few features that we hope you’ll love! Control your column data types Using a few simple filters, you’ll now be able to control the data types of your custom database table columns. Until now, we’ve stuck to the type WordPress uses for […]