ACF Remote Sync v1.0


The ACF Remote Sync plugin is an extension for the Advanced Custom Fields plugin and it allows administrators to push and pull ACF field groups between multiple WordPress sites.

Note that we're exploring the ability to push and pull more than just field groups. Support for other ACF entities can be expected in future releases.

Why use ACF Remote Sync?

The plugin offers a few key benefits:

  1. Remote sites can be used to hold remote backups of field groups before making significant changes. If the changes are undesired, the field groups can be pulled from the remote site and the local field group will be restored to its original state.
  2. Remote sites can be used as a remote library of field groups saving time and effort when setting up new sites.
  3. Many remote sites can be connected to a single local site, allowing field groups to be pulled from multiple remote sites and saved locally.
  4. Whilst similar, it can be more convenient to manage ACF field groups in this way than via the ACF export and import functions.
  5. It is possible to list and import field groups that are registered via PHP code, which is not possible with the ACF export and import functions.

How does it work?

When the plugin is installed on a WordPress site, it registers custom REST API endpoints for listing ACF field groups. These endpoints are only accessible when an access key is provided with a request to the endpoints and no field values or other sensitive data is exposed. Access keys are generated by the plugin and can be managed from the plugin's settings.

A site (local) can be configured to connect to another site (remote) and the field groups on the remote site can then be listed within ACF's field group admin screen. The field groups can then be pulled from the remote site, either individually or in bulk, and saved locally. Similarly, field groups can be pushed from the local site to the remote site both individually and in bulk from the quick links on the field group admin screen.

Field groups are identified by their unique field group key. If the field groups exists on the destination site, the field group will be overwritten by the field group being pushed or pulled.

Basic requirements

The basic requirements for the plugin to function are as follows:

  • PHP version 7.0
  • WordPress version 6.1 with REST API enabled
  • ACF version 6.0

Note: the plugin may work on older versions but we do develop for modern versions so it is best to remain updated at all times.

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