ACF Custom Database Tables

Store your Advanced Custom Fields data in custom database tables for faster search queries, structured data, & easy exports! Storing ACF fields in custom tables is ideal for anyone using ACF at scale.

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Store ACF field values in custom database tables structured to match your ACF field groups

ACF Custom Database Tables is an ACF extension plugin that makes it possible to store ACF data in organised, structured database tables instead of WordPress' core meta tables.


  • Easily create custom database tables with our simple UI.
  • Store ACF field values in custom table columns.
  • Control the column data type for more efficient SQL.
  • Bypass core meta tables globally or for specific fields only.
  • Relational fields can form their own tables for SQL join queries.
  • Store repeater field data in normalised, structured tables of their own.


  • Scalability. More efficient queries means less strain on resources & reduced compute costs.
  • Portability. Export a whole table with ease.
  • Searchability. Structured data can be searched much faster with simply SQL.
  • Speed. Structured, typed data means less work for database engines & much faster queries.
  • Repeater new!
  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Number
  • Range
  • Email
  • URL
  • Password
  • oEmbed
  • Image
  • File
  • Radio
  • True/False
  • Color Picker
  • Date Picker
  • Time Picker
  • Date/Time Picker
  • Button Group
  • Gallery
  • Checkbox
  • Relationship
  • Google Map
  • Post Object
  • Page Link
  • Select
  • User
  • Link
  • Taxonomy

Unsupported fields will be passed through to ACF to be stored as usual in core meta tables.

ACF meta data stored in custom database table

Search, analyse, export & scale with structured data!

Store ACF meta data across clearly structured columns in normalised database tables. Structured data offers more flexibility & speed when writing complex SQL queries; is much easier to visualise & export; and provides a much more efficient foundation for data at scale.

You can even disable saving of data to core meta tables and specify column data types for custom database table columns which can drastically reduce the size of a database.

This plugin is a game changer for search powered websites! I’m seriously impressed!

Advanced Custom Fields for WordPress
Elliot Condon
Creator of Advanced Custom Fields
Some of our happy customers

Allowing you to convert ACF meta boxes into their own DB tables enables you to create efficient custom backend systems in Wordpress without the nightmare and performance impact of the built in post meta table. I've used it to create bespoke event and membership systems really easily. Now you can properly create a DB structure within Wordpress simply and rapidly.

Andrew Armanios
Andrew Armanios

A nice plugin that turns user posts into usable data.

ACF Custom Database tables plugin is a total game changer for me. I use Advanced Custom Fields on all my websites and always worried about overloading the database with repeaters and custom fields, but no more. So if you use ACF, this plugin is a must.

Works best with:

  • Advanced Custom Fields Pro v5.10+
  • Advanced Custom Fields Free v5.10+
  • WordPress 5.8+ & PHP 7.0+

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Features we plan to include:

  • Data migration tools
  • Group field support
  • Flexible content field support
  • Query and search helpers

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi! We made this

ACF Custom Database Tables was created by Phil & Aaron, two WordPress developers based in Melbourne, Australia.

Phil Kurth
Phil Kurth
Director & WordPress Product Dev
Aaron Rutley
Aaron Rutley
Product Manager & WordPress Dev

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