ACF Theme Code Pro v1.2

We recently released version 1.2 of ACF Theme Code Pro, here’s a summary of the changes!

Clone field improvements

We’ve made some major improvements to the code that’s generated if you’re using the new Clone Field found in ACF Pro. Previously we’d generate a simple variable, we now generate the code for all of the fields or field groups you’ve cloned. If you’re using the clone field we’re keen to hear your feedback!

More third party field support

ACF Theme Code pro now generates code for more third-party fields including:

If you use any third-party fields that you’d like us to support please get in touch!

Variable improvements

In some cases, we generate a variable for your field (for example the image field). Previously, if you used some special characters in your field name our plugin would generate invalid PHP. This version now strips special characters from variable names to ensure only valid PHP is generated.

Bug fixes

This version also includes a few bug fixes for better compatibility with the CPTUI Pro Plugin and a couple of bug fixes for compatibility with PHP version 7.1.


Version 1.2 of ACF Theme Code Pro can be updated via the dashboard or downloaded from your account.

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