Activating join tables on eligible fields

Join tables are available where required for eligible fields and can be activated using filters. The following fields are eligible for join tables: Relationship Post Object Page Link User Taxonomy Global activation It is possible to set a global setting that will enable join tables on all eligible fields. We don’t recommend this, as you […]

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Activating support for a custom field type

If you are using custom ACF field types and wish to store their values in a custom database table, you need to register the field type as supported. You can do so using the following: <?php /* * This will register a custom field type as supported by the plugin. * This affects table definition […]

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Bypassing data storage in core meta tables

By default, the plugin does not bypass storage of metadata to the core meta tables as doing so can create issue with other plugins that are dependent on meta data existing in the core meta tables. However, you may configure your site to bypass core tables where data is stored in a custom database table. […]

Changing the table definition directory

The plugin will attempt to automatically generate a directory to house all related files when an ACF Field Group is saved and the table generation on that field group is active. The possible locations for this directory are: If using ACF JSON, the acf-json/database-tables directory will be created. If no acf-json directory is available, the plugin will […]

Disabling ACF 3rd party filters

For consistency, we pass the data through ACFs 3rd party extension filters. If you need to disable this, you can do so using the following: <?php /* * Thes two lines will deactivate ACFs 3rd party filters on data that is passed * to or retreived from a custom database table. They will not disable […]

Disabling fields for a particular table

If you need to prevent fields from generating columns on a particular table, you can use the following filter: <?php /* * Filtering the array of supported fields for a given table. This affects table * definition generation and can go in your functions.php file or a plugin. */ add_filter( ‘acfcdt/field_group_supported_fields’, function ( $supported_fields, $table_name […]

Removing support for fields

You can remove fields from the supported field list, if you need to. When doing so, you have the ACF field array to evaluate, so you have a good degree of flexibility: <?php /* * Removing fields from the ‘supported fields’ list. This affects table definition * generation and can go in your functions.php file […]

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