ACF Theme Code Pro (v2.4) with Support for ACF Blocks!

Published: 11th Jun 2019

With version 2.4 of ACF Theme Code Pro,  you can now easily generate code to use ACF Blocks in your projects! Simply follow the steps below: Install ACF Theme Code Pro v2.4 (you can download from your account area) Browse to Custom Fields > Tools Create a name for your block & copy the code Paste the […]

Advanced Forms + Custom Database Tables: how to store form entries in a custom table

Published: 21st Apr 2019

Storing form entries in custom DB tables is a cinch when using the Advanced Forms plugin in combination with the ACF Custom Database Tables plugin provided you know how to connect the pieces. Fortunately, all this can be done from within the WordPress admin so you don’t need any code snippets to make this work. Step […]

How to add support for custom database tables to Relevanssi

Published: 11th Mar 2019

If you use Relevanssi to handle your WordPress search queries, you can learn how to add support for your custom database tables in the following video: Resources Relevanssi support article Gist containing example code

ACF Theme Code V2.3

Published: 12th Feb 2018

We’ve just released another update to ACF Theme Code Pro, you can find out the details below. Support for qTranslate & more third party fields In version 2.3.0 we’ve added support for ACF qTranslate which includes translatable fields for Text, Textarea, WYSIWYG, Image and File. We’ve also added support for the following third party fields RGBA Colour picker field, Ninja Forms and the Gravity […]

ACF Theme Code Pro v2.2

Published: 04th Oct 2017

We’ve just released ACF Theme Code Pro version 2.2 which includes support for the new fields found in ACF Pro v5.6.2 and v5.6.3 (that was released just a few hours ago)! Support for the new Range and Button Fields! We’ve added support for the new Range and Button Fields found in ACF Pro Version 5.6.3. […]

ACF Theme Code Pro v2.1

Published: 25th Jul 2017

We’ve just released ACF Theme Code Pro version 2.1 which includes support for the new fields found in ACF Pro v5.6 (that was released a few hours ago)! Support for the new Link & Group fields! We’ve added support for the new Link Field and Group Field added in ACF Pro Version 5.6. We really […]

ACF Theme Code Pro v2

Published: 25th Apr 2017

We’ve just released a huge update to ACF Theme Code Pro, we hope you can save even more time with these new features! Location Rule Support ACF Theme Code Pro now generates code based on your location rules! For example, if you assign a field group to an options page we now generate the appropriate code for that […]

ACF Theme Code Pro v1.2

Published: 16th Jan 2017

We recently released version 1.2 of ACF Theme Code Pro, here’s a summary of the changes! Clone field improvements We’ve made some major improvements to the code that’s generated if you’re using the new Clone Field found in ACF Pro. Previously we’d generate a simple variable, we now generate the code for all of the fields […]

ACF Theme Code Updates

Published: 21st Oct 2016

This week we launched updates to ACF Theme Code (v.1.2.0) and Pro (v1.1.0). Both versions includes a handy ‘Quicklink’ feature. We now add a ‘code’ link to the actions for each parent field, if you click this it’ll smooth scroll you down to the relevant theme code block. This is a small feature but ideal for really long field groups, checkout […]

Awesome ACF


Last week we launched a fun little side project It’s a directory of third-party extensions for the awesome Advanced Custom Fields WordPress plugin. Our listings are based on the Awesome ACF GitHub repo that’s not currently maintained, we’ve added a bunch of listings and marked them with the ‘new’ label. We’ll be adding more listings over time, […]