How to add custom admin columns for your WordPress custom post type

Adding your own custom admin columns can lead to some very interesting and powerful experiences for you website clients. A fantastic option for doing so can be the very popular Admin Columns Pro plugin but you may find yourself in a situation where you need something specific and need to roll your own solution. Doing […]

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Using an ACF field value as a fallback for WordPress post excerpt

Learn how to use an ACF field as a fallback — or as the source — of a WordPress post excerpt.

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How to remove trailing zeros from round WooCommerce prices

Often, we’ll have product prices that are a round number and don’t need decimal places. In this article, we take a look at how to configure WooCommerce to remove decimals from round numbers when formatting the price.

Phil Kurth Phil Kurth

How to stop WordPress from logging deprecation warning notices

WordPress debug log is very useful to developers as it allows to see many issues our code (or third-party code) may be causing. This is often the first point of call when there is a problem on a website — checking the log. When working with a site that has a lot of plugins, there […]

Phil Kurth Phil Kurth

Display a singular or pluralised string in WordPress

Sometimes, you may need to display a string differently depending on whether a variable is singular or plural. i.e; “1 product in stock” compared to “2 products in stock”. We could of course use an if() statement or even a switch() if there were multiple possibilities here, but for simple use cases, WordPress provides us […]

Phil Kurth Phil Kurth

Using Git to version control the entire wp-content directory

When building websites, I often use a combination of a custom theme, several custom plugins, and various third party plugins. I didn’t always do it this way but in doing so, I now think of a WordPress powered site relative to the entire installation and approach it as a system — WordPress gives us an […]

Phil Kurth Phil Kurth

Adding custom WooCommerce account menu links to any desired URL

When working with WooCommerce in combination with other plugins that also have account-style areas on a site, it can make sense to choose one as the primary account area and link between them. Here’s a snippet demonstrating how you can add custom links to a WooCommerce account menu and control the URL so the link […]

Phil Kurth Phil Kurth

Redirect a user after they register via WooCommerce

If you are using WooCommerce and need to redirect users to a custom thank you page after they register to your WooCommerce site, you can use the woocommerce_registration_redirect filter to do exactly that:

Using the Gravity Forms Advanced Post Creation add-on with ACF Custom Database Tables

Learn how to use the Gravity Forms Advanced Post Creation Add-on to save data to custom database tables.

Phil Kurth Phil Kurth

Cookie-based authentication when using the WordPress API Fetch NPM package

A nice little side effect of the development of WordPress’ Gutenberg block editor is that we now have a range of WordPress-oriented NPM packages available to us. One such package that I’ve been using in recent development for the ACF Custom Database Tables plugin is the @wordpress/api-fetch package which, as its name implies, is all […]

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