How to pre-fill complex fields in Advanced Forms

Learn how to pre-fill fields in Advanced Forms in the video. We’ll run through a simple text field example then move onto complex fields using a repeater and a group field to illustrate how to work with ACF’s complex field data structures. Video Transcript Hey, it’s Phil here from Hookturn and in this video I […]

Phil Kurth Phil Kurth

How to create multi-stage forms in WordPress using Advanced Forms

Creating forms with multiple stages in WordPress is really easy using our Advanced Forms plugin. Watch this video for a quick look at how you can create your own multi-stage forms. Video Transcript Hi, Phil here from Hookturnand I just wanted to take a few minutes to show youhow easy it is to create multi-stage […]

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How to use ACF Custom Database Tables data with WP_Query objects

If you are using the ACF Custom Database Tables plugin and have opted to bypass core metadata storage, you’ll likely end up in a situation where you need to create a WP_Query based on data from your custom tables. The basic approach here is to: Write some SQL that queries all post IDs matching your […]

Phil Kurth Phil Kurth

How to disable the custom database table queries when using ACF Custom Database Tables version 1.0.x

We recently had a request as to how you could prevent ACF Custom Database Tables from querying custom table data when using ACF’s get_field() function. This isn’t something we had built-in but for anyone needing to implement this, you can use the following code to achieve exactly that. A few things to keep in mind: […]

Phil Kurth Phil Kurth

ACF Custom Database Tables 1.1 (beta) Feature Preview

ACF Custom Database Tables 1.1 is now in beta and we’ve got a few features that we hope you’ll love! Control your column data types Using a few simple filters, you’ll now be able to control the data types of your custom database table columns. Until now, we’ve stuck to the type WordPress uses for […]

Phil Kurth Phil Kurth

ACF Theme Code Pro (v2.4) with Support for ACF Blocks!

With version 2.4 of ACF Theme Code Pro,  you can now easily generate code to use ACF Blocks in your projects! Simply follow the steps below: Install ACF Theme Code Pro v2.4 (you can download from your account area) Browse to Custom Fields > Tools Create a name for your block & copy the code Paste the […]

Hookturn Hookturn

Advanced Forms + Custom Database Tables: how to store form entries in a custom table

Storing form entries in custom DB tables is a cinch when using the Advanced Forms plugin in combination with the ACF Custom Database Tables plugin provided you know how to connect the pieces. Fortunately, all this can be done from within the WordPress admin so you don’t need any code snippets to make this work. Step […]

Phil Kurth Phil Kurth

How to add support for custom database tables to Relevanssi

If you use Relevanssi to handle your WordPress search queries, you can learn how to add support for your custom database tables in the following video: Resources for integrating ACF Custom Database Tables and Relevanssi Relevanssi support article Gist containing example code

Phil Kurth Phil Kurth

ACF Theme Code v2.3 Released

We’ve just released another update to ACF Theme Code Pro, you can find out the details below. Support for qTranslate & more third party fields In version 2.3.0 we’ve added support for ACF qTranslate which includes translatable fields for Text, Textarea, WYSIWYG, Image and File. We’ve also added support for the following third party fields RGBA Colour picker field, Ninja Forms and the Gravity […]

Hookturn Hookturn

ACF Theme Code Pro v2.2

We’ve just released ACF Theme Code Pro version 2.2 which includes support for the new fields found in ACF Pro v5.6.2 and v5.6.3 (that was released just a few hours ago)! Support for the new Range and Button Fields! We’ve added support for the new Range and Button Fields found in ACF Pro Version 5.6.3. […]

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