ACF Custom Database Tables v1.1

Using hyphens in field names

The plugin will support the use of hyphens — e.g; my-field — in ACF field names but be mindful that the hyphen will be replaced by an underscore in the database table column name.

Accessing the field values via ACFs API functions

You may continue to use ACFs API functions using the field name exactly as defined in your ACF field group as the plugin's internal mapping system takes care of any conversion necessary to map the hyphenated field name to the underscored equivalent column name.

Important! Distinguishing two fields of the same name with only a hyphen can be problematic

If you attempt to use two fields of the same name and differentiate them using only hyphens and undescores — e.g; my-field and my_field — they will be treated as the same field at the database layer as the plugin replaces the hyphen with an underscore resulting in the same column name.

This will create problems when accessing the data as calls to both get_field('my-field') and get_field('my_field') will both return data from the my_field table column.

Accessing the field values via SQL

When using SQL queries to retrieve data, you will need to use the hyphenated version of the field name as SQL will treat my-field and my_field as different fields.

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