Functions reference

advanced_form() advanced_form( $form_key_or_id, $args = [] ) Renders a form by a form key or form post ID. For example: advanced_form( ‘form_62bd15508b9c9’ ); // or advanced_form( 123 ); For a list of available arguments, see Display arguments. af_get_field() $value = af_get_field( $field_key_or_name, $args = [] ) Gets the value of a desired field from the […]

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Frequently asked questions

Can I have multiple forms on the same page? Yes, you may have multiple forms on the same page. Is it possible to handle submissions without a page reload (using AJAX)? Advanced Forms can handle submissions without a reload using AJAX. Activate it for your form using the ajax display argument. Can users access the […]

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Display arguments

Display arguments are used to control the way a form is displayed and bahaves. They can be specified when rendering a form using the shortcode or PHP function. e.g; [advanced_form form="form_62bd15508b9c9" submit_text="Send" ajax="1" redirect="/thank-you"] Or, if using the PHP function: advanced_form( ‘form_62bd15508b9c9’, [ ‘submit_text’ => ‘Send’, ‘ajax’ => true, ‘values’ => [ ‘name’ => ‘Jon […]


Invalid API Token Error You may see the following error when trying to connect to a remote site: Error fetching remote field groups. Invalid API token. This could be one of a few things: 1. The site access key for the remote site is incorrect. The key may have been copied from the remote site […]

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Using hyphens in field names

The plugin will support the use of hyphens — e.g; my-field — in ACF field names but be mindful that the hyphen will be replaced by an underscore in the database table column name. Accessing the field values via ACFs API functions You may continue to use ACFs API functions using the field name exactly […]

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Does this plugin work with user data? Yes. Custom database tables can be defined for field groups that have a User Form in their location settings. Can I use this plugin for custom post types? Absolutely. Whilst the plugin supports the built in types of post and page, it is ideally suited for storing custom […]

Caveats and Gotchas

If choosing to bypass core meta tables, you may face issues with third party systems that rely on WordPress’ core table structure (e.g; search plugins, database management plugins, etc.) If you find situations where this is a problem, please let us know so that we can investigate solutions. If a table definition does not contain […]

Frequently asked questions

Can I sync field groups from a remote that are defined using JSON only? Yes. Field groups that are not in the database but are loaded via JSON are listed as available for remote sync. Note that when syncing the field group from a remote site it will be inserted into the database and if […]

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