ACF Remote Sync v1.0


Invalid API Token Error

You may see the following error when trying to connect to a remote site: Error fetching remote field groups. Invalid API token. This could be one of a few things:

1. The site access key for the remote site is incorrect.

The key may have been copied from the remote site to the local site incorrectly. Or, the remote site access key may have been regenerated on the remote site since copying it to the local site. You can check the remote site access key by logging into the remote site and navigating to Settings > ACF Remote Sync. Check the Site Access Key value is the same as the value that is on the local site.

2. The API token sent with each request is being removed or modified during the request.

The API token is sent with each request to the remote site in the X-ACF-Remote-Sync-Token request header. It's possible that a plugin, theme, or the webserver itself is removing or modifying the request header in some way. You may wish to use WordPress' core http_api_debug filter to check the request headers are being sent correctly. On the recieving end, you may use a plugin such as REST API Log to log requests received by the server.

3. The API token request header name may have been changed on one site only.

It is possible to change the request header name used to transmit the API token. If you have changed the request header on one site and not the other, the plugin will not be able to validate the token. Make sure the request header name is changed across all sites in your network.

4. The time-based tokenisation and validation is failing due to a time difference between the servers.

The API token is generated using a time-based tokenisation algorithm and ensures a token is only valid for a maximum of two minutes (using UTC times). If one of the servers time is out of sync with the other, the token may be considered expired. You may disable time-based tokenisation in the situation although we only recommend doing this if you are using a secure https connection between the sites.

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