Installing and activating the plugin

Download the plugin zip file from your Hookturn account page. Head to the plugins area of your website – WP Admin > Plugins > Add New – and upload the file. Activate the plugin. Activating the license In order to receive new features, bugfixes, and support, you must activate the license key on the site. […]

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Disabling local field groups

By default, ACF Remote Sync will list all field groups for sync — this includes field groups registered via PHP or field groups loaded via ACF JSON. If you wish to prevent local field groups from remote sync, you may use the acfrs/rest/should_export_local_field_groups filter as per the example below. add_filter( ‘acfrs/rest/should_export_local_field_groups’, ‘__return_false’ ); You may […]

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Frequently asked questions

Can I sync field groups from a remote that are defined using JSON only? Yes. Field groups that are not in the database but are loaded via JSON are listed as available for remote sync. Note that when syncing the field group from a remote site it will be inserted into the database and if […]

Modifying field groups exposed via the REST API

You may override the field groups that render via the REST API by using the acfrs/rest/export_field_groups filter. This filter makes it possible to: Add field groups that are not already available. Remove field groups. Modify field groups and their fields in order to protect any data that should not be exposed. Examples You may use […]

Enabling ACF Custom Database Tables support

By default, ACF Remote Sync will remove any field group settings associated with ACF Custom Database Tables. If you are using ACF Custom Database Tables and wish to sync these settings, you may use the the acfrs/rest/should_export_acf_custom_database_table_settings filter as per the example below. add_filter( ‘acfrs/rest/should_export_acf_custom_database_table_settings’, ‘__return_true’ ); You may place this code in your theme’s […]

Connecting your first remote site

In order to connect your first remote site, you will first need to install and activate the plugin on both the local site and the remote site. See installing and activating the plugin for more information. Adding a remote site Once the plugin is installed and activated on both the local and remote sites, you […]


The ACF Remote Sync plugin is an extension for the Advanced Custom Fields plugin and it allows administrators to push and pull ACF field groups between multiple WordPress sites. Note that we’re exploring the ability to push and pull more than just field groups. Support for other ACF entities can be expected in future releases. […]

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