ACF Remote Sync v1.0

Connecting your first remote site

In order to connect your first remote site, you will first need to install and activate the plugin on both the local site and the remote site. See installing and activating the plugin for more information.

Adding a remote site

Once the plugin is installed and activated on both the local and remote sites, you will need to add the remote site's domain and access key to the local site. Head to WP Admin > Settings > ACF Remote Sync and in the Connected Sites field, click the Add Site button:

Adding a remote site

In the new site row, add the remote site's domain and access key. The access key can be found by logging into the remote site and heading to WP Admin > Settings > ACF Remote Sync. The access key is displayed in the Site Access Key field and can be copied by clicking the Copy button:

Copying the site access key

Once the domain and access key have been added, click the Update button. The settings page should look similar to the following:

Remote site configured

Checking the remote site has been connected

To confirm that the remote site has been added successfully, head to WP Admin > ACF > Field Groups and click the Remote view link. If the remote is configured correctly, all field groups on the remote site will be listed on screen ready for import:

Remote field groups listed

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